Murmur and Hum is a health behavior consultancy that addresses issues such as health habit building, stress management, emotional eating, health and fitness goal setting, time prioritization, body image, and social support.


Individuals come to Murmur for coaching to overcome barriers and reach specific health goals. Whether you are near your goal or only thinking about starting something new, healthy habits coaching can help you unlock your potential. Check out these upcoming programs:  

  •  Deep Dive (PDF) 3-month behavioral map program to reach your health goals.  
  •  Go All In (PDF) One year, life-changing nutritional coaching program. 

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Murmur helps business clients to clarify and amplify their marketing and communications efforts -- to encourage healthy lifestyles and increased social well-being. The overwhelming volume of communications channels and marketing messages in our environment today means that we need to first listen, analyze, and address the needs of those we hope to reach. Just as great coaches evoke and amplify the potential of individuals and teams, Murmur develops clients' potential to spark broad-scale behavior change.  

Corporate clients typically approach Murmur for strategic marketing communications counsel, project management, content development, research, and editorial services.  How can we help you spark positive change?

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